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23.05.2024 Don Quijote
Не исключено, конечно
22.05.2024 Jaaj.Club
Ну не может же такого быть, чтобы мы были совсем одиноки во вселенной!
22.05.2024 Formica
Вот начитаешься всякого и начинаешь верить 😁
22.05.2024 Jaaj.Club
Мы, порой, не представляя себе, что такое энергия "ци" и откуда она, берёмся рассуждать, как она на нас повлияет по "фэн-шуй", если не туда повесить светильники. Сколько негативной энергии выйдет из незакрытого унитаза. Русская культура не моложе китайской, а традициями даже намного богаче.
22.05.2024 LISKI


Читали ли вы книгу Я - Человек автор Эндрю Хопс?

31.03.2018 Рубрика: Рассказы

If I might have a superpower

Автор: John Smith
I already thought about this question somehow, strolling through the streets in a bad mood…..
1346 3 1 11 541
If I had a superpower I would choose the ability to change our world and make it better. But in what way? I already thought about this question somehow, strolling through the streets in a bad mood…..

I don't know why but fall is the most stressful period for me. Around this time I always feel exhausted, gloomy and overtired. Occasionally, not frequently, I go out for a walk and I am alone with my thoughts.That day i walked along the street, my mind was occupied with daily problems. It was bitterly cold and I was blaming myself for this useless walk. I feel unhappy, unwanted and unsuccessful. Everything irritated me, I hated this world.

I noticed a tear-stained girl having a quarrel with some guy and an old begging woman.

I wondered, "What could help all these people? Perhaps, money could solve their problems?" But at the same time I saw a totally unhappy, well-dressed girl coming out of a posh car. It was obvious, she was deeply unhappy as well…. It means that money is not a key to success and good mood. But what do people need to be joyful? That was a rhetorical question for me at the time….

Suddenly something little hung above my head. As far as I remember, I have seen a little person, who was looking at me, saying: "Why are you so sad? Cheer up! Today you have a happy chance. Don’t miss it! Have a nice day." And he had suddenly disappeared."Geez! I am, probably, losing my mind!" - I thought - "I need a few days off to have a rest. I will talk to my boss tomorrow, I guess..."

It began to rain and I did not have an umbrella. I was chilled to the bone, had a terrible headache and on top of it all the damn taxi had closed the doors just in my face! It meant I had to wait for the next one in heavy rain. After a while the taxi had come. I was totally frozen because of the sharp wind and I finally made it inside a taxi. There was sitting a handsome boy, who was looking at me."Hi", - he said....Since that time he is the most dear person in my life. What is more, he is my dearly-beloved husband.

And I finally realized that all what people really need is love, because love is the most valuable treasure that makes us happy. And only happy people can make our world a better place.

So for now I know exactly what I would choose as a superpower. I would like the ability to change people and give each one of them the opportunity to love and be happy, the ability to enjoy simple things like sun or green grass and to appreciate more their loved ones. Day after day.

If everyone was equally happy, there would be global peace, understanding, our world would be freed of poverty, wars, violence and greed. Absolute happiness would triumph!

In a vanity of daily problems we are always busy and in a hurry. We often refuse to notice our happiness which is only a few steps away.
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I've found it when I was walking along seashore

It's so wondered me. Читать далее »

Бывает и так...

Утром я купил на рынке самые красивые розы и поехал поздравлять любимую девушку с 8 марта. Когда она ставила букет в вазу, у одной из роз отвалилась головка, оказалось, что она держалась на зубочистке. Читать далее »


#60663 Автор: Jaaj.Club написано 3/31/2018 8:45:29 PM
Not bad, seems I getting start to love this writer