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За выход в финал началась битва "Байки у костра" между участниками, которые ещё ни разу не проигрывали

 Auster [34]
 Plaza [22]

С другой стороны турнирной сетки приближаются участники, которые имеют по одному поражению, но это никак не отражается на их воле к победе.

 Vladkor54 [20]
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28.03.2020 10:41
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Интересная экскурсия,осталось на долго воспоминаний!
04.04.2020 firoza
Люблю семечки,особенно крупных,серых!
02.04.2020 firoza
Предсказать можно, изменить нельзя
Для любителей солёных семечек, можно перед прожаркой подержать в солёной воде.
31.03.2020 admin
главное - не пережарить, сковороду сильно не накаляйте, постоянно перемешивайте, семечки подсолнуха - это не кофейные зёрна
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Do you need to find a new dentist? Maybe you’ve moved, switched jobs or just want to make a change. There are many dental office choices, so it can take time to find one that fits your needs.
Dental hygiene is a major component of personal grooming and should be given a lot of attention. This then demands that you identify a dentist who is good at what they do, is available when you need them, and one who offers the best services at a good price.

There are a few things common to dentists; therefore, you have to identify a dentist who is a cut above the rest. So how do you choose the best dentist for you?

1. Location

When a toothache strikes, the next place people look for is the dentists’, however, if your dentist is not easily accessible, it may create a headache for you and not just from a toothache. To locate a good dentist, he or she will most likely be in places where there is a massive flow of people traffic.

This means they will be located mostly in places you are prone to frequent. This makes it convenient for you to reach them and get the pain dealt with. An easy location to access can be a lifesaver when you experience a dental emergency; for instance, when you lose an easily noticeable crown, a convenient location may make the difference between that date and staying home.

2. Check out their website

Many practices have embraced the internet as a good way to get feedback from their patients and making their services known to the public. For you, this is a good opportunity to visit the clinic and make your own assessment without leaving your house.

Another key thing is the ability to book appointments online, therefore, saving a lot of time and money. The practices’ website will give you information on the procedures available, such as if you wanted a particular procedure done; you can be able to see if they offer it there.

3. Flexibility

The worst thing about toothaches and other health problems, in general, is that they have a bad sense of timing. This should be a key guide for you when choosing the best dentist for you; they should have flexible hours, in terms of emergencies, the doctors should be flexible to work on the matter at hand. Check at their opening and closing times, this will assist you in knowing when they are available and if it will suit you.

4. License

This by far should be the most important thing to consider, dentists should always display their licenses and permits. As stated earlier, the worst thing is to have an incompetent doctor working on your oral health. Make sure your dentist is licensed by the local and national dental board.


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